Saturday, 14 June 2014

Prostitution, Sex Work, Ladies of the Night, "Whore", Courtesan, Accessible children, Malaya, Red Light...

What other words evoke the women and men involved in the trade of fulfilling the carnal fantasies of those who will purchase them?

The news still is that women who are on the lower rungs of socio-economic ladder - whatever their occupation, are working in the dark without oxygen while having to carry responsibilities that all women are carrying.

A good place (courtesy David Kuria Mbote and contribtors to the KPTJ* site) to start thinking about raising one's own awareness on vulnerable women who are also empowering themselves: (I left five comments here where the links below may be found)

For areas of life where people are suffering, everyone of us is responsible (ie you and I, included, Ashif) .  Where people who are fighting to survive against forces of neglect are making choices for themselves based on their own experiences and environment, they have to be supported.  By you and me.  Without this support to one deeply neglected sector of humanity there can be NO progress.  I believe that we are individually and as a whole affected by the state of our environment of which all human beings, especially the one's being pretended out of the picture are integrally a part.  A major obstacle to restoring security to those who are not being seen by those in power, except as object of abuse, is the self-deluding way in which we are being taught to define the meaning of the word, 'environment'.  But what does it really include, this word?

Whatever problems beleaguer our lives are conditioned by the approach the 1% takes towards the 99% of the population.

MCAs and all these other institutions offer poor evidence for proper direction.  Well, in terms of the real world and the direction in which it is supposed to go, today MCAs are simply irrelevant.

Now that the THIRD WORLD WAR may well have gotten well under way... what a mess.

*For access to the KPTJ site apply to : Here is the link.

Mohamed Jiwa
13.6.14 22:06 h, Edited 01:29h 21/6/14

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