Sunday, 6 January 2019

Violet has a place at St Anne's


Admission Secured - If We Meet The Target

St Anne's Gituba Girls Secondary School, Kirinyaga, Kenya.

This is a County School.

Please contribute even just a hundred bob to 0722111511


51,000/- by 11 Jan 2019

Update at 15:00h 6 Jan 2019

So far collected:


Balance required:


We are making as many calls as necessary to friends and well wishers to contribute only 100/- or more to meet the above target to secure the admission for the first term, which is for phone calls, transport, fees, boarding requirements, clothes, shoes, and study materials. 

All contributions are accounted for and posted in the website here.

Violet stays with her Mummy who brought her from the village to stay and study in Nairobi from Standard VII.  She just achieved 291 points in KCPE at Ruaraka Primary, Drive-In.  She is an outstanding person who loves to serve others, ambitious to perceive something great, responsible, loyal, and strong, a young lady with a very good character a person of integrity. 😃

Please support Mama Vio and me to get her enrolled in this school, and help to give her a boost in life.  We have no doubt she will work hard and get through into university to achieve her ambition to become a teacher. Let's crack open the door to give this giant of a girl a chance to gain success and to serve society with respect, care, love and diligence, which is what she is giving her family.

She is not afraid of hard work at all.

Violet's Mum and I look forward to receiving your support for Violet's future. We have so far collected 4,900/- out of 51,000/- which is our target.

Mohamed Jiwa

Payments can be made by Mpesa to



Directions to the school from Nairobi (fare is 1000/- return + snacks),36.8173294/St.+Anne's+Gituba+Girls+Secondary+School,+P.O+Box+38,+Kenya/@-0.8631123,37.1090043,8z/data=!4m6!4m5!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x1827d36f1d017755:0xc0a1dd56d207d1cf!3e0

Contributions so far:

00100     Mansoorbhai N
00200     Samuel Dee H El
02000     Dr Josiah Ruturi
01000     Tami

00100     Nizar Shamji

00300     Tazmina D

01200     Anonymously

04900     Total at 14:25 7.1.19


January 3rd, 2019
Ministry of Education made an error and linked their download for Vio to the admission letter of another school, which they are aware of and have rectified. 

January 8th, 2019

Collected 4,900/-

Big error on phone number entry for Mpesa payment, now corrected: The number is 0722111511

Updated /Edited January 7th, 2019 14:20

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Priti Patel on the Team does a Hop, Skip and a Jump

If I know her ilk they join starry-eyed and are stunned soon enough before they discover that their party is living a lie. The doors to the garden of all possibilities close in on one, stifling any dream of equitable change. In her case homo sapiens can play neanderthal for a bit and, if she passes and understands the rules, though she may grow to despise them, she learns fast.  

But whoever joins most political parties, one realises that liberty, the way to lead the people to freedom, is blocked by the Deep State.  Disillusionment sets in, hope fades, frustration jades, boredom breeds and, even for the most serious of idealists, the dream slides into a cauldron that delivers one up to a paralysing nightmare, a moment of truth: 'The system has failed.  It's a false ideal that I chase!  My culture and education are a waste. I have become cold-blooded reptile and I cannot escape this hell. I am trapped by my own naïveté, so I may as well start liking it, and make the best of it.'

That is how, in politics, unless you are well aware of your only saviour--speaking to, and being spoken to by what is true, about your times, about yourself, and reminding yourself that you are fallible, and have the truth to protect, (as does our friend across the Table, all the time, who seems to be practicing an Anglo-Saxon genre of taqwa)--the occupation simply mutates into a cushy job. 

That is the point at which the Lord of the Game (Magister Ludi) arranges to offer one the opportunity to slake one's thirst for escape from the reality of paralysis: diversion beckons and one awakens, again, glinty-eyed this time, to one's power to do mischief by playing for big bucks, à la vie risquée.  The yeast is in and now, the more infamous one's record the higher one rises, supremely untouchable.

It's heady, this glue that emerges from the substance that emulsifies idealism. 

But did Priti Patel join politics to pursue an idealism?  Was her priority to protect the truth, or was it to forward a career that would accrue for her the side-effect of power, contacts, favour and wealth?  The best judges of her motives could be her community and a bird's eye view of the values they espouse in order to maintain a balance between what keeps non-white minorities British as well as secure from, as it happens, the risks of buying into membership of the Right.

Mohamed Jiwa

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Purpose of Leadership

The divine purpose of being conferred with a position of leadership is a chance for liberation of the soul: enlightenment

Uhuru,  I got this in my WhatsApp.  But it's perfect for you.

                                  by Mohamed Jiwa

Zhao Zi Hao's made it big in business so he spent money buying a piece of land in the suburbs and built a three-storey villa. He had an impressive swimming pool in the garden with a hundred-year-old Lychee Tree in the backyard to boot. In fact, he bought the property precisely because of this tree. His wife loved eating lychees.

During renovations, his friends urged him to get guidance from a fengshui master, just to tread on the side of caution. Zhao Zi Hao's never quite believed in Fengshui yet surprising he took the advice to heart and went out of his way to engage a feng shui master from Hong Kong. The Grand Master was none other than Master Cao who's been in the profession for thirty over years, renowned in the Fengshui circle. They had a meal in the city then Zhao Zi Hao drove the Master to the suburbs. Along the way, when cars behind them tried to overtake, Zhao Zi Hao would simply give way.

The Master laughingly remarked: "Big Boss Zhao, your driving is really safe." He spoke really fluent mandarin for a Hongkie.
Zhao Zhi Hao laughed at the remark: “Usually people who need to overtake have some urgent matter to attend to, so we shouldn't hold them up.
Arriving at a small town the streets grew narrow and so Zhao Zi Hao slowed down.
A giggling child suddenly darted out from an alley and as the child ran across the street, Zao still didn't speed up. Instead, he kept his gaze on the alley, as if waiting for something. Out of the blue, another child darted out, chasing after the child ahead.
Master Zao was surprised and asked: “How did you know there'd be another child following suit?”
Zhao Zi Hao shrugged: “Well, kids are always chasing after each other so it's impossible for a child to be in such glee without a playmate.”
Master Cao gave him a big thumbs up and laughed out loud: “That's really considerate of you!”

Arriving at the Villa, they got down from the car. Suddenly about seven to eight birds flocked from the backyard. Seeing so, Zhao said to Master Cao: “ If you don't mind please wait here for a little while.”
“What's the matter?" Master Cao was taken aback.
"Oh, there's probably some kids stealing lychees in the backyard. If we walk in now we might give them a fright, let's not risk anyone falling off the old Lychee Tree." Zhao replied humorously.

Master Cao stayed silent for a while before stating matter-of-factly: “This home doesn't need a fengshui evaluation anymore.”
Now it's Zhao's turn to be shocked: “Why's that?”
“Any place graced with your presence naturally becomes the property with the most auspicious fengshui.”

When our minds prioritize others’ peace and happiness, the one who benefits is not just others, but ourselves too. When a person is considerate of others at all times, then this person has unconsciously accomplished Nirvana, Buddha-hood. The Buddha is in fact a person who through benefiting & helping others becomes enlightened.

Author Unknown.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Madness of Prayer Mats and the UK


But look at the more ridiculous comedy you are playing out, too?

Double-game Saudi is your top ally in oil plunder at expense of Yemeni lives in Yemen, not in High Wycombe, while they deliberately propagate a religion of their own design and give it the name of Islam, which comes to roost in your finest towns. Think why?

Isn't it because your side has destroyed their country and the living conditions required to their poor,  oppressed, peaceful ancestors to complete their spiritual search. So now your places (and now one-way streets that have already turned them into old towns with venerable, staid memories wound around in tarmac mini-skirts) are being populated by people who sincerely seek a good faith but are confused on one side because it doesn't fully satisfy and on the other being frustrated by people like you(?) who don't have the balls to discuss the problem with them like the English gentleman you make yourself out to be, in a civil manner.

These fellas in High Wycombe are neither here nor there and have no exit. You, the hosts, are so witless, hopping around mad but without the courage even to go and tell these refugees, 'how can we help you take your prayer mats back to a place where we the west have not institutionalised fake religions for the sake of plundering your black gold?' You chaps have shot yourselves in the foot!  And now you have to contend with the 'brain' of Theresa May.  Will she stop using the Saudis etc to invade our ancestral lands, so that we can go home and continue our spiritual journeys, and you can have your ancestral memories back too? 

Give me a restless mosque to run to in High Wycombe, any day as long as these Tory dunderheads are in power. And tell the police to knock before they enter. This is England,  not Pakistan! 

Mohamed Jiwa

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Is Trump a Puppet? Unlikely

Trump is the best man to end it but he won't do it your way because he's not so naïve. Obama was just pushed into it. 

This is in reply to a tweet I saw in my TL:

By Mohamed Jiwa

It was Reagan's job to call for a New World Order after Carter confusedly watched Iran kick out America but no way was USrael going to allow that to scuttle their planning; 

Bush 1's mandate was to ratify the NWOrder and lock on with Saddam, whose value had worn out... the time to take the oil basin was nigh; 

For Clinton it was to make preparations for 9/11 with Mozard who would release the codes; 

Bush 2's job was to ratify and watch it's execution, to label the pilots a race of 'terrorists' and put alQaida in the pressure cooker;

O'Bomber's was to let them out of that nest of revenge (Gitmo) to enable them to regroup in Iraq as pretext to start droning and broadening the genocide (only 23,000 drone bombings in 2016 alone?); 

So for Wolfgang? to release the codes and lead them to their new concoction AlQaida v2 or ISIL,  which they cooked up and gave the failsafe name, 'Islam'.

To this day we have no proof that orders are really coming from alQaida or whether alQaida is just a fake front to propagate Wahhabi-ism and perpetuate the recruitment of a disenchanted, angry/ aggravated youth of non-persons cultivated in Europe. Where's the head of the dragon and why still invisible? Why destroy Palestine, and now Yemen if not just to create hate & extreme desire for revenge, to feed ISIS? 

Open your mind. Or you a bot?