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Edited and expanded on 27th April, 2015

I have to continue updating and correcting the information (and editing the writing tumbles) I am getting here so please bear with me as I do so.  I note that tweeps spell this city Salamiyah

As an Ismaili, follower of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, I, as do all Ismailis, have a responsibility to address issues that affect me and my community, which is spread around the world.

Ismailis are no different from any other community.  We have our great achievements and we also have our problems.  Some of these problems are concealed and are, more often than not, addressed internally.  The Banias do that, probably better than Ismailis do.  They appear to be more united.  Ismailis have been likened to individualists (you come alone and you die and move on to the next world.  Alone.).

The Americans settle their problems politically and secretly within their parties and class groupings across party, and the Zionist Israelis do the same^1.  They even did that when they conspired to take a bite out of what was once a peaceful country, which set off the biggest threat to world peace in history.  The Kikuyus do it to great advantage, and have maintained strong influence as a tribe over the Kenyan nation, thankfully, to some extent, a good influence.

Imperialism and redefining the use of land to suit the purpose of the invader - colonisation - is a learned skill and the outcome depends on the original intention but that is not quite where this exercise in writing should be tempted to go as much as it would like to.  Suffice it to say that the Islamic State group seem not willing to reconsider the basis of their invasive policies which they do not perceive as atrocities (this link may upset or offend). and a lot of thinking people (and IS's heroes were all thinking people) fear the deeper reasons why IS appears to be manipulated by larger forces that are intent on defabricating our histories in the region.  Salamiyah is a HISTORICAL CITY.  It's treasures are in the memories of the people who live there.  If America allows or, indeed, ENABLES, Islamic State to devastate Salamiyah and similar symbols of world history then there could be an agenda, like the agenda that was manipulated by Ben Gurion in the USA^1, that makes the people of Islamic State components of a psychological resentment machine, a rogue that enables the larger powers to accomplish their will of demasculating the entire area to take control over the land.  IS is no larger than 300,000.-.  A combined force that understands clearly why it would be going there could easily overwhelm them.  But it is not happening.

But it is not happening.

   But it is not happening.

      But it is not happening.

          Please, somebody, Obama?  Putin?  Harper?  Khamenei?  Can you unite?
             Would you make it happen?

                  Can you unite and bring about peace and save our  precious peace-making histories? 
Or are you saying, "You Ismailis think you are smart - go do it yourself - Unite!  Let us see you do that first?  Then we'll think about it!!"

And why is it not happening?  I wish what I wrote in the paragraph above ("Imperialism...") was rubbish and the problem of the creation of IS were still inexplicable.

Everybody is attempting to sort their own internal problems out and grow, if for different reasons.  The Ismailis have a leader who is practical but also, like the Prophet of Islam, his ancestor, though a hardcore realist, a man of faith who could be characterised for expedient expansionist reasons as a romantic idealist - simply because he is a man who loves and strives for peace.

Peace!  That is all we Ismailis want.
     Peace! That is all we want.
           Peace! That is all.

What Ismailis do not have - though they are governed by a highly sophisticated constitution - is political backing (like the groups above), not even in places like Salamiyah, as we shall see.  Political power is something which highly aggressive definable groups enjoy.  Perhaps we could call them alpha-groups.  They sort their internal problems with the specific aim of exploiting opportunities on the outside and profiteering from them collectively, so, it is in the interest of the collective to work out their problems internally.


LOOOOOOONG STORY, my friends.  This is a small city in SYRIA that has a history that goes as far back as the time of the inception of the faith of Islam.  It is a city full of history, architectural originality that is in rhythm with its people, and much more.

Salamiyah is mostly populated by peace-loving people who are of both Shi'a and Sunni persuasion.  The majority are, like me, followers of the Aga Khan.  Salamiyah is suffering from multiple troubles.  One is that they are being attacked by the ISIS type of groups and another is that they are being annihilated through slow torture caused by radioactive waste dumping from (?Europe and) America, so it seems.  I need more information on this and my going is slow.  Forget chemical weapons for the moment.  Who can find evidence of this so that it can be published and then word spread through the social media, please?

I have, since my brother-in-faith, Jaddallah has been in contact with me, wanted to support the people who are severely beleaguered in that city.  He is a Salamiyahin exile.  I want to be able to say things about Salamayiheen and talk about the problem of ISIS through this prism, from that point of view, if that is going to be possible.  Here you will find an astonishingly sober and wise point of view supported b by the power of faith, in a poem by ELIA BADRUDIN on the Ismaili website

Please scroll down and read the poem.

We, Ismailis, are advised by our Imams to attempt to find intelligent, peaceful solutions to the problems that afflict us.  I still need to learn whether ISIS are also trying to do the same.  I am not sure whether the ISIS have a particular philosophy that they can clearly define that are governing their current activities.  Reports are that they are committing genocide, they treat the Charter of Human Rights with contempt (because they are resentful of the West and very angry with the racism meted out upon non-whites there), they are forcefully taking land from Iraq and Syria and they have an ambition to take over what they define as the Muslim world.  Their activities raise a lot of questions for Muslims like me and they put us into some sort of a dilemma:  On the one hand you are taking over what you call Muslim lands (or is it that you would take over any lands in this particular manner?) and on the other, the lands belong to people whom you have accused of not being Muslim by your definition.  There are several questions related to this that cannot be addressed here.^2

To cut the story short, Salamiyah is being slowly beseiged from the West by the Al-Nusra Front; from the East and North by the IS and from underground by western radioactive trash.  It is not clear where the source of this trash is but it has contaminated their water.  Some people suspect that IS is in control of the holding-containers of the wastes.

Today (25th April) I am publishing an excerpt from an article in THE DAILY BEAST which I am quoting here, courtesy source Jadallah.  If there is anyone that can send me more information about its authenticity, I should be grateful:


Pentagon Map conceals ISIS Gains in Salamiyeh

"The Department of Defense marks off the Salamiyeh district, in central Syria, as ISIS-controlled.

What it doesn’t note is that ISIS expanded into this area after the coalition airstrikes began, and that the so-called Islamic State is threatening the lives of the locals, who are largely Shias —a group of Muslims that ISIS militants view as "apostates"...

“While the Obama administration says that it is fighting ISIS in Syria, ISIS is actually expanding into Salamiyeh… and that without [being confronted by] a single U.S. airstrike,” said Omar Hossino, director of public relations for the Syrian American Council, a grassroots organization ...and what is the Assad regime doing ? Why is it not protecting its people?. “The people of Salamiyeh are under threat of genocide, especially the Shia majority.”

Abu Ali, the pseudonym of a resident of Salamiyeh, said in an email to The Daily Beast that ISIS operations in the area “have intensified during the recent period in Salamiyeh district, which indicate the expansion of this organization and the expansion of its military operations, at a time when it is not being shown any resistance or an appropriate response by both the international coalition.”

^1  Search this link for the para:  "As the Jewish settlement strengthened and deepened its roots in Palestine, anxiety mounted among the Palestinian Arabs, resulting in violent clashes between the two communities."
^2  It would be helpful to me to better understand the terms IS use in their lexicon for distinguishing right from wrong, to begin with. It would also be helpful to better understand their history. What or who generated ISIS? Why? Is it the CIA who triggerred it? A lot of thinking, believing and peaceful people are concerned about the reaction to the abuse that was perpetrated upon innocent people under draconian legislations enacted after 9/11 in various western countries. Clearly, 9/11 was the quaking point.

26th April, 2015
Edited and Expanded 09:12 27.04.2015


Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Beautiful Night-time view of the Ismaili Center, Toronto Canada



Copyright (c) 2014
Saida Mohamed

I would like to present a piece of good news today because good news makes people happier and the world a better place, a world of hope and smiles.

His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan is the leader of the world community of Ismailis and head of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).  AKDN is the owner of the beautiful school, Aga Khan Junior Academy, in Nairobi Kenya.

On September 12th, 2014, four days ago, the Aga Khan invited the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr Steven Harper, to join him in opening an enormous project that brought happiness to the City of Toronto and Ismailis all around the world.

This was to open THE ISMAILI CENTRE pictured above, which is situated with a new Islamic Museum in a beautiful park, the Aga Khan Park, on Wynford Drive, Toronto, Canada.
From A view of the center and museum from the waterfall

At the centre, Ismailis will welcome people of other faiths and backgrounds to share culture, art, peace and learning.  Inside there are spaces for many different activities including a  theatre, art gallery, library, dining and for serving food for celebrations.

The central space is a place of prayer and meditation which will bring Ismailis together in prayer and in meditation, in voluntary service, and in social, cultural and knowledge-seeking activities.  

Outside the center there is a park where people can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings, where trees and gardens have been planted.  People can relax here, meditate and experience the happiness of enlightenment.

Ismailis are happy people who want to help bring peace to the whole wide world, which is sometimes a dangerous place.

The Aga Khan enjoys the spectacular view of the park with the Prime Minister, Stepher Harper and His Highness Prince Amyn Aga Khan, his brother ( uploaaded by for youtube here:

For more pictures click here.
For more news and videos click here

Mohamed Jiwa

Error Admission:
Mohamed Jiwa and regret we got the attribution for the top picture wrong - oops - please forgive ismailimail!  We have corrected it and admit to having been in a rush to meet a school homework deadline!  Sawa?

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Is it really just a near cure or is this really it -- A CURE FOR HIV AIDS?


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It would also help to learn who referred you and whether the referring party has benefited from the use of these herbals.

You may send the following information to me, too, at the above email:

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Are you on any other drugs or not?

If you need any information the other page is being edited but I can send you the information you need by return (there is no charge).

Please try to answer all the questions.


Mohamed Jiwa
13th August 2014

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You doing a "Netanyahu" there Land Grabber?

The Netanyahuesque
"Hey, someone just chucked out my security guards from my plot of land in Muthaiga, bwana!" said, a friend of a friend, "and installed his own guards and now says that it is HIS LAND!"  This is really happening and it is the big names who are still perpetrating this kind of land grab.  Of course the people who lost their land run for their lives, and don't get shot like Palestinians who are being targeted with things like 'flechette bombs' which kills people as would DOOM! flies and mosquitoes, and children are being kusiagwaed by them like in a public Israeli butchery set up in Gaza!  What dogs!
Here's my comment on the petition site for Palestine inspired by the statement of the African Scholars  (Onyango Oloo - you lead the pack - go it, babe - love your writing).
This what I say:
Unite Africa!
Unite Palestine!

Forget all the rest of the nonsense which is simply a landgrab for the sake of resources and ensuring that there is a ruling class that takes over the world.  They are very flagrant about it.
Netanyahu is no longer some human-being's name. That is not a human being.  It is now a label for:
Anyone who is willing to set into motion a killing machine in order to stamp out humanity in order to set up a ruling global class.
Wake up you sleepy scholars and look to your own countries to identify your own Netanyahus!

African Solidarity with Palestine
11:45 am Aug 12
Mohamed Jiwa
Kenya Follow on Twitter @kirimba

Scholars, hm.... ?:~S Not just scholars, please! As scholars your responsibility is to unveil the robberies taking place right here in our backyard, first, and to enlighten your people and their children, and turn them into responsible 'leaders'. You have not succeeded in doing that, bwana.

Lots of smiles, talks, beer and social gatherings is what most demonstrators are really good at. They won't give their names unless some of them don't mind losing their tenure anyway, these "scholars".

And the demo failed, too, because of legal issues? That's funny - what are you, a class? I am not a scholar (=educated in the western system) but still I agree that some of what you say is relevant:

In simple words, Israel, backed by neo-Cons, is land-grabbing again. They want to ensure that Hamas does not control the gas deposits in Gaza, either. They want Gaza. They want everything. Sorry to say that Mahmood Abbas is not much better than any ordinary person, really, as he also gave in to the Israeli project to save his own ass so that he could upgrade his family, too.

None of them are heroes except the people who fought back with nothing. Look at AlKhuzaa. Are there words to describe what happened there? Massacre, devastation, war against women and children, cowardice, genocide, devastation - none of them are enough to reflect what the people are feeling. We are responsible for it, my dear scholars! We are just talking and demonstrating but we are not defining what our role is as leaders....

Sorry, we are not able to define the difference between 'position-holder' and 'leader', and enable people to distinguish the right action from the wrong one. Netanyahu is now more than infamous: If someone wants to perform a text-book land grab as the Mois, Biwott, Ruto, Kenyattas and so forth have been doing remorselessly someone could make them feel bad by saying, "Netanyahu to you!"

Are you a scholar? A leader? A thinking person? Then ask for a ONE STATE SOLUTION, my friend, a state led by enlightened people who share power and work towards a new set of goals. What a waffle is this commentary!!! "We hold that silence about the latest.... blah blah!!..." You are talking like the soulless ghosts of white colonisers!!

Keep it simple: Something is wrong with the whole world. The Banksters have something to do with that, too (like the one Uhuru just met at his library in Texas - what a joke). It is coming to yoooooouhu yes, the ghost is right behind you, mabesti,

and don't forget to make the parallel between the agenda of Israel and the agenda of America and Israel in Africa. It is happening as we write. Read @gathara. He is catching on.

Do you really think they care about we say, anyway?  Listen to yourselves!!!

And " employees in institutes of higher learning we have a particular interest in and responsibility to respond to the obstacles to the right to higher education that the Israeli state has created for Palestinians both inside Israel...." hoooooooo (I can hear this in Gregorian chant, now). Because otherwise whomever you are addressing won't listen much longer. :-)

Ok, seriously, well done scholars. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. Remember me once a year on my birthday (11.10) and remember mother's day once a year and father's day and I believe there will soon be a man's day. Once a year, ok? Don't forget Uhuru and Madaraka and friendship day, either, ok? And once in a few years Gaza Day, ya?  Oh, one more: Wake up day - remember that one, too as often as you can!

And Sasa, bye!  Kwaheri ya kubwanana, bwana! Shalom! Salaam and all those such... meaningful things.

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Gaza - a bit of land-grabbing psychology for Kenyans? Part 1

What were you doing in this space when I have arrived?

Nairobi, August 3rd, 2014
In Kenya we speak Kiswahili and our vocabulary here is arguably not as sophisticated as in the English language.

So perhaps it would be going too far and considered an irresponsible thing to say that some of our own ruling politicians are moving in the direction of doing the same sort of thing as Israel has resolved to do in Gaza:  Human beings are being moved or squeezed into smaller space, then mowed down and then blamed for harbouring terrorists (or, in our case in Kenya we target the squatters).

It's the same principle:  The crime is taking up space that is more profitable to the filthy (and not the clean and responsible!) rich, I suppose.  When someone suffers as a result of this form of oppression in our part of the world, whether in the slum or in a forest or glade, the real news is also not being honestly published.

Someone recently tweeted me lamenting that each side is targeting innocent people on the other side.Yes, the Palestinians are attempting to break out of jail and Israel's playing The Law. Nah - not just playing.  Zion wants to rule and exploit Gaza and break the Gazans psychologically.  They are the inventors of modern psychology.  They think.  The forgot about things like faith, reason and humanity.

Displacement or, more accurately put, theft of one's home space comes in many poisonous strengths, from colonisation (Gaza), renationalisation (as in Tanzania) through the Kenyan repetitious system of producing IDPs, to urban gangsterism in local neighbourhood and on the estates.  It may have happened to you even on the way home and laughed off as ngeta but, ultimately we are talking about the same thing, an offence against the person in the space that he is occupying:

Unchallenged go this form of intimidation, theft, 'land-grabbing' or - being told, "what were you doing here when I arrived?" The difference in the various strengths of poison is quite simple:  THE COST.  In Kenya we get displaced and those among us who suffer and give up the ghost quietly are not considered as seriously victimised as, perhaps, in Gaza where the price Palestinians are paying is, as the IDF and their government appears to be wanting the world to believe, 'only lives and Palestinian lives at that.' But it has certainly become clear that Israel is out to dwarf the Palestinians with their might and keep them subdued as a psychological exercise.

Shameless and even inhuman.  That is what I have said on Twitter:  Netanyahu and company are no longer human.

Who knows whether the way it is being done today in Gaza may be the order of the day when they are gone too far in their wrongful policies of being American's agency in E Africa.  Perhaps Kenya's policy today will not be looked upon in retrospect as a primitive and unsophisticated one, simply because it is humane in comparison (only in comparison - our forces are also inhuman).

Meanwhile today's Gazan version, where the more innocent lives it takes to bring down an apparently cruder and weaker war machine, the more sophisticated the policy is disingenuously spun into, in the public domain?

Who knows whether communities like Kibera and Mathare and Mukuru will not become more and more congested and isolated from the Upper Hills and State Houses and the Highlands and Beaches that belong to the ruling classes?  Those who want to hold on to power understand that they will lose their grip on that power, if they don't simply take ALL the vantage points and do it at any cost.  That is the trend of the world.  So why - are we an exception?  Don't make me laugh.

Meanwhile, while we expand our spaces at their expense, in the case of Gaza: simply murder everybody in the line of fire, hether they are defenseless or not**.  The cost is women children, survival, humanity, continuity, memory, fabric of society - mostly inanimate and (except in Israel) trivial/ inconsequential "things" like that in comparison to the prize - a  command over human beings as in Hollywood movies.

Edited August 12th, 2014


**Netanyahu has been quoted alongside another quote from the Psalms of David that ends, "But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.” (Psalm 37:9-11)"  He is of course talking about Gazan land, Palestinian land."Get to the tunnels at any cost and destroy them.  The Palestinians have become audacious.  And gather the young men who stand up to one together, stuff them into any bathroom in any gutted residence from which people have fled leaving their dead behind and mow them down (as in Khuzaa), If we do not stop them they are coming to our territory.