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Zina K's take on the role of Prophet Muhammed when Prophet Mohamed's

The Banu Qurayza
by Zina K

18th September, 2012

The Messenger of Allah had to leave  Ibn Umm Maktum, in charge of Al-Madinah, and he had given the flag to `Ali bin Abi Talib... the Messenger of Allah went to them (Banu Qurayzah) laying seige to them for twenty-five days...they had breached their covenant and wished to destroy Islam...

When this seige had gone on for too long, they agreed to accept the judgement of their own ally and friend , Sa`d bin Mu`adh, the leader of `Aws because they had been their allies during the Jahiliyyah, so they thought that he would treat them kindly as `Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Salul had done for his allies of Banu Qaynuqa` when he had asked the Messenger of Allah to set them free...and so if Sa'd had done the same the Prophet would have honoured the decision...

So, these people thought that Sa`d would do the same for them as Ibn Ubayy had done for those people...

When this happened, the Messenger of Allah called him to come from Al-Madinah to pass judgement on them.

When he arrived, riding on a donkey that had been specially equipped for him to ride, some of the `Aws began to urge him not to be too harsh, saying,

"O Sa`d, they are your clients so be kind to them, trying to soften his heart.''

But he kept quiet and did not answer them. When they persisted in their request, he said,

"Now it is time for Sa`d to make sure that no rebuke or censure will divert him from the path of Allah.''

The Messenger of Allah said: (These people) -- and he pointed to them (Banu Qurayzah) -- (have agreed to accept your judgement, so pass judgement on them as you wish.)

Sa`d,  "My judgement will be carried out''

The Messenger of Allah said: "Yes.'' He said,

"And it will be carried out on those who are in this tent'' He said, "Yes.'' He said, "And on those who are on this side'' -- and he pointed towards the side where the Messenger of Allah was, but he did not look directly at the Messenger of Allah out of respect for him.

The Messenger of Allah said to him: "Yes.''said:

"My judgement is that their fighters should be killed and their children and wealth should be seized.''

Had the Banu Qurayzah chosen the Prophet (saw) to pass a Judgment...maybe he would have given a different ruling altogether...

There were between seven hundred and eight hundred of them.

The children who had not yet reached adolescence and the women were taken prisoner, and their wealth was seized.

All of this is stated both briefly and in detail, with evidence and Hadiths, in the book of Sirah ...

Banu Qurayzah, who were Jews from one of the tribes of Israel. Their forefathers had settled in the Hijaz long ago, seeking to follow the Unlettered Prophet of whom they read in the Tawrah and Injil.

"..then when there came to them that which they had recognized, they disbelieved in it) (2:89). May the curse of Allah be upon them. ...

"..and cast terror into their hearts" means fear, because they had supported the idolators in their war against the Messenger of Allah and the one who knows is not like the one who does not know.

They had terrified the Muslims and intended to kill them so as to gain earthly power, but their plans backfired; the idolators ran away and the believers were victorious while the disbelievers were losers; where they had aimed for glory, they were humiliated.

They wanted to eradicate the Muslims but they were themselves eradicated. In addition to all this, they are doomed in the Hereafter, so by all accounts they are counted as losers..

Allah says: "..a group you killed, and a group you made captives.....And He caused you to inherit their lands, and their houses, and their riches....He gave these things to you ....and a land which you had not trodden.."

So several things are to be noted, firstly it was not prophet Muhammad who had ordered this execution, rather it was Sa'd who was an ally to the Banu Qurayza, and it was the Jews who had called on Sa'd to pass judgement on them as they had trusted him more than the Prophet of God...

And the muslims then accepted the Judgment that was passed by Sa'd against the Jews....

Had Sa'd passed a Judgment that all of them be set free....the prophet would have accepted that also...and so blaming the prophet is simply a waste of time and the fitna of the enemies...!

Secondly  they kept the children ALIVE, and the women as well, the ones who were killed additionally were only the ones who had gone through puberty and were going through puberty, hence no children were killed...

What you see below is young boys who had not gone through puberty being killed, including little babies...and you find the dictate, in the Bible:

Isaiah 13:15-18
Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes. For I will stir up the Medes against Babylon, and no amount of silver or gold will buy them off. The attacking armies will shoot down the young people with arrows. They will have no mercy on helpless babies and will show no compassion for the children.

John Gill commentary:
Every one that is found shall be thrust through…

With a sword, spear, or lance, and be slain; that is, everyone that is found in the city of Babylon; and so the Targum adds,

``and everyone that is found in it shall be slain;''

so Kimchi, in the midst of it, or without; in the street, as Jarchi. The orders of Cyrus F8 <> were, that those that were found without (in the streets) should be slain; and to proclaim in the Syriac language, that those that were within doors should continue there, but, if they were found without, they should be put to death; which orders were executed, and well agrees with this prophecy:

"..and everyone that is joined [unto them] shall fall by the sword "
or "added" unto them; any of other nations that joined them as auxiliaries, see (Revelation 18:4 <>) or "that is gathered"; so the Septuagint, "they that are gathered"; that are gathered together in a body to resist the enemy, and defend themselves. Some render the word, "every one that is consumed", with age; neither old nor young, as follows, should be spared.

The Targum is,
``everyone that enters into the fortified cities,'' ..flees there for safety and protection.

"..Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their

Upon the ground, or against the wall, as was foretold should be, (Psalms 137:8,9 <,9>) and in way of retaliation for what they did to the Jews, (2 Chronicles 36:17 <>) and this was to be done "before their eyes", in the sight of the inhabitants, which must make it the more distressing and afflicting; and, as Kimchi observes, this phrase is to be applied to the following clauses:
 "..their houses shall be spoiled.."
plundered of the substance, wealth, and riches in them, by the soldiers:
"..and their wives ravished;.."
" the same, and both before their eyes, and after that slain, in like manner as they had."

ravished the women in Zion, (Lamentations 5:11 <>) ..

[Their] bows also shall dash their young men to pieces,
&c.] That is, the bows of the Medes should dash in pieces the young men of the Babylonians. The meaning is, either that they should put them into their bows, instead of arrows, and shoot them upon the ground, or against a wall, and so dash them to pieces; or that they should first shoot them through with their arrows, and then dash them with their bows; according to Xenophon F12 <>, Cyrus came to Babylon with great numbers of archers and slingers:

and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb;  even of those that were in the womb, but should rip up women with child, and cut them in pieces: their eyes shall not spare children;
in the arms of their parents, or running to them, shrieking and crying, and in the utmost fright; and yet their tender and innocent age would meet with no mercy. The Medes were notorious for their cruelty F13 <>, and which issued at last in the ruin of their empire.

I would like to see  you reply to this verse and this Christian commentary which is a very popular and known commentary. Note the verses not only order the killing of women and children, but the raping of women as well! I shall wait in anticipation for you to respond to this verse, and I shall wait in great anticipation for you to bring me something like this from the Quran, or the Hadiths, something the Junkies know they won’t be able to do...