Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Madness of Prayer Mats and the UK


But look at the more ridiculous comedy you are playing out, too?

Double-game Saudi is your top ally in oil plunder at expense of Yemeni lives in Yemen, not in High Wycombe, while they deliberately propagate a religion of their own design and give it the name of Islam, which comes to roost in your finest towns. Think why?

Isn't it because your side has destroyed their country and the living conditions required to their poor,  oppressed, peaceful ancestors to complete their spiritual search. So now your places (and now one-way streets that have already turned them into old towns with venerable, staid memories wound around in tarmac mini-skirts) are being populated by people who sincerely seek a good faith but are confused on one side because it doesn't fully satisfy and on the other being frustrated by people like you(?) who don't have the balls to discuss the problem with them like the English gentleman you make yourself out to be, in a civil manner.

These fellas in High Wycombe are neither here nor there and have no exit. You, the hosts, are so witless, hopping around mad but without the courage even to go and tell these refugees, 'how can we help you take your prayer mats back to a place where we the west have not institutionalised fake religions for the sake of plundering your black gold?' You chaps have shot yourselves in the foot!  And now you have to contend with the 'brain' of Theresa May.  Will she stop using the Saudis etc to invade our ancestral lands, so that we can go home and continue our spiritual journeys, and you can have your ancestral memories back too? 

Give me a restless mosque to run to in High Wycombe, any day as long as these Tory dunderheads are in power. And tell the police to knock before they enter. This is England,  not Pakistan! 

Mohamed Jiwa