Sunday, 27 August 2017

Is Trump a Puppet? Unlikely

Trump is the best man to end it but he won't do it your way because he's not so naïve. Obama was just pushed into it. 

This is in reply to a tweet I saw in my TL:

By Mohamed Jiwa

It was Reagan's job to call for a New World Order after Carter confusedly watched Iran kick out America but no way was USrael going to allow that to scuttle their planning; 

Bush 1's mandate was to ratify the NWOrder and lock on with Saddam, whose value had worn out... the time to take the oil basin was nigh; 

For Clinton it was to make preparations for 9/11 with Mozard who would release the codes; 

Bush 2's job was to ratify and watch it's execution, to label the pilots a race of 'terrorists' and put alQaida in the pressure cooker;

O'Bomber's was to let them out of that nest of revenge (Gitmo) to enable them to regroup in Iraq as pretext to start droning and broadening the genocide (only 23,000 drone bombings in 2016 alone?); 

So for Wolfgang? to release the codes and lead them to their new concoction AlQaida v2 or ISIL,  which they cooked up and gave the failsafe name, 'Islam'.

To this day we have no proof that orders are really coming from alQaida or whether alQaida is just a fake front to propagate Wahhabi-ism and perpetuate the recruitment of a disenchanted, angry/ aggravated youth of non-persons cultivated in Europe. Where's the head of the dragon and why still invisible? Why destroy Palestine, and now Yemen if not just to create hate & extreme desire for revenge, to feed ISIS? 

Open your mind. Or you a bot?