Monday, 11 November 2013

Only America has the right to do that!

Here is an email exchange between Janis and me:

Human Rights Watch is pointing at Iran as follows in the article linked here:

Iran:  Set an Immediate Moratorium on Executions!

In 2012 Iran remained one of the world’s foremost executioners, with more than 500 prisoners hanged either in prisons or in public. The Iranian government has announced at least 260 executions in 2013, with rights groups alleging or documenting an additional 160 or so unannounced executions. At least 15 of these executions have been carried out in connection with terrorism-related charges such as moharebeh. The vast majority of executions carried out in Iran during the past few years are for alleged drug-related offenses including trafficking, which are crimes not considered “most serious” under international law.

Here is Janis's reply:
My subject heading:  More on Iran executions comparative (eg drone strikes) 
Well, obviously only the United States has the right to do that.  We have the right to execute heads of state and install our own version of government that you should have.  That is common knowledge.  You should know that.
And my apology:
I am sorry.  I thought they were here to protect us.  I was ready to argue about this with a friend whose family are potentially targeted terrorists.  The(ir)y job is to get killed and ours is to bury them.  When it happens, now, I can tell him, "I told you so!  The American(s) are doing this to protect us from people like your parents!"

I tweeted and asked tweeps to compare this to the drone executions and come up with some differences between them and what Iran is being accused of doing

Pakistan's figures on drone strikes (tweeted by @kirimba)
@McKGraKucPauNad @cinnamon_carter #drone just read that Pakistan's take on figures - much lower: I just don't get it
Figures from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
While on the subject of drones mind-tearing figures on drone war @McKGraKucPauNad #war (March 2013) @cinnamon_carter #drone 
RT @TheRealKeori: A graphic of all US global #drone strikes through January 2013. Look. Really look.  (

Mohamed Jiwa

I noticed a "Do You Know Islam" ad down below my work.  Welcome to click on it but it may not have all the information anyone would need about Islam so do refer any questions to me, if you are studying it?  Remember that the world of Islam suffered from schisms right from the start.