Monday, 27 June 2011

27th June, 2011: Some things to be aware of

Looked at critically, however, the duty free maize programme has also reopened a fresh battlefront in the never ending face-off between proponents of organic agriculture and backers of the multibillion-shilling global genetic engineering industry. (from which you'll find in the above link)
Will the USA control the extent to which we convert to the use of genetically modified maize?  What are the approaches we can use to restore our independence in this part of the world?

What are the judges in the Kenyan judiciary jittery about?  Now that the appointment of the Chief Justice is a done deed, and he and his deputy appear to be determined to set new standards in the judiciary's ability to meet the challenges of the new rules for a Supreme Court, will the new set-up succeed?  Read about The Judiciary Jitters here

Questions for your comments

How would you propose to vet the judiciary and where would you source your new magistrates? 

How would you compare the standards of some of the older junior magistrates (the corrupt ones who are in cahoots with the corrupt sectors of the police department) with the standards of some ordinary Kenyan business people, professors in universities, chiefs who rule in their respective domains (like Parklands or Kangemi)? 

Could ordinary people have better standards than a corrupt judiciary?
Might it be a good policy to place youthful magistrates at the lowest rungs of the judiciary and, if so, what support systems would you, as an ordinary citizen, advise the authorities to institute, to enable these energetic young people to better understand the problems of ordinary people and how they ought to be treated, how fast rulings should be made and imposed, etc, and to do this with a breadth of vision? 

Or would it be better to look for people who are older, more mature and who have eschewed corruption over the decades to take their place in the leadership of society?

Is it true that the environment is a primary force in the quality of relationships between people? 

How does the policy of divide and rule cause people to find themselves in court when they might otherwise be able to have their differences arbitrated in a less expensive and more productive and quick manner outside the court system? 

Is the court system along western lines one that is compatible with our African-ness?  Advantages?  Disadvantages?

Some information about Jesus that I am discovering recently - any comments?
The History of Jesus in Swahili (use the option to get the article in another language)