Monday, 9 September 2013

The IB curriculum under closer examination as a means of questioning the UN Charter

Here is an interesting document illustrating through questions raised for the purpose of education curriculum development how the factor of human error in the conception and role of the UN, if greatly magnified by actions of anyone or any group that wants to use it for self-serving ends, could lead to the sorts of disasters we face today. 

While the point of departure of this paper appears to be posited upon the holiness and perfectness of the USA, and therefore begets several questions from the point of view of non-North American values, specifically African values (as an example in our case), there are questions about how we should be raising our children in this part of the world that could and should be raised towards the effect of preventing the sorts of calamities we are facing today, with our heads all turned towards capitalism and the west for our unconvincing sense of wholeness in life.