Tuesday, 12 August 2014

You doing a "Netanyahu" there Land Grabber?

The Netanyahuesque
"Hey, someone just chucked out my security guards from my plot of land in Muthaiga, bwana!" said, a friend of a friend, "and installed his own guards and now says that it is HIS LAND!"  This is really happening and it is the big names who are still perpetrating this kind of land grab.  Of course the people who lost their land run for their lives, and don't get shot like Palestinians who are being targeted with things like 'flechette bombs' which kills people as would DOOM! flies and mosquitoes, and children are being kusiagwaed by them like in a public Israeli butchery set up in Gaza!  What dogs!
Here's my comment on the petition site for Palestine inspired by the statement of the African Scholars  (Onyango Oloo - you lead the pack - go it, babe - love your writing).
This what I say:
Unite Africa!
Unite Palestine!

Forget all the rest of the nonsense which is simply a landgrab for the sake of resources and ensuring that there is a ruling class that takes over the world.  They are very flagrant about it.
Netanyahu is no longer some human-being's name. That is not a human being.  It is now a label for:
Anyone who is willing to set into motion a killing machine in order to stamp out humanity in order to set up a ruling global class.
Wake up you sleepy scholars and look to your own countries to identify your own Netanyahus!

African Solidarity with Palestine
11:45 am Aug 12
Mohamed Jiwa
Kenya Follow on Twitter @kirimba

Scholars, hm.... ?:~S Not just scholars, please! As scholars your responsibility is to unveil the robberies taking place right here in our backyard, first, and to enlighten your people and their children, and turn them into responsible 'leaders'. You have not succeeded in doing that, bwana.

Lots of smiles, talks, beer and social gatherings is what most demonstrators are really good at. They won't give their names unless some of them don't mind losing their tenure anyway, these "scholars".

And the demo failed, too, because of legal issues? That's funny - what are you, a class? I am not a scholar (=educated in the western system) but still I agree that some of what you say is relevant:

In simple words, Israel, backed by neo-Cons, is land-grabbing again. They want to ensure that Hamas does not control the gas deposits in Gaza, either. They want Gaza. They want everything. Sorry to say that Mahmood Abbas is not much better than any ordinary person, really, as he also gave in to the Israeli project to save his own ass so that he could upgrade his family, too.

None of them are heroes except the people who fought back with nothing. Look at AlKhuzaa. Are there words to describe what happened there? Massacre, devastation, war against women and children, cowardice, genocide, devastation - none of them are enough to reflect what the people are feeling. We are responsible for it, my dear scholars! We are just talking and demonstrating but we are not defining what our role is as leaders....

Sorry, we are not able to define the difference between 'position-holder' and 'leader', and enable people to distinguish the right action from the wrong one. Netanyahu is now more than infamous: If someone wants to perform a text-book land grab as the Mois, Biwott, Ruto, Kenyattas and so forth have been doing remorselessly someone could make them feel bad by saying, "Netanyahu to you!"

Are you a scholar? A leader? A thinking person? Then ask for a ONE STATE SOLUTION, my friend, a state led by enlightened people who share power and work towards a new set of goals. What a waffle is this commentary!!! "We hold that silence about the latest.... blah blah!!..." You are talking like the soulless ghosts of white colonisers!!

Keep it simple: Something is wrong with the whole world. The Banksters have something to do with that, too (like the one Uhuru just met at his library in Texas - what a joke). It is coming to yoooooouhu yes, the ghost is right behind you, mabesti,

and don't forget to make the parallel between the agenda of Israel and the agenda of America and Israel in Africa. It is happening as we write. Read @gathara. He is catching on.

Do you really think they care about we say, anyway?  Listen to yourselves!!!

And " employees in institutes of higher learning we have a particular interest in and responsibility to respond to the obstacles to the right to higher education that the Israeli state has created for Palestinians both inside Israel...." hoooooooo (I can hear this in Gregorian chant, now). Because otherwise whomever you are addressing won't listen much longer. :-)

Ok, seriously, well done scholars. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. Remember me once a year on my birthday (11.10) and remember mother's day once a year and father's day and I believe there will soon be a man's day. Once a year, ok? Don't forget Uhuru and Madaraka and friendship day, either, ok? And once in a few years Gaza Day, ya?  Oh, one more: Wake up day - remember that one, too as often as you can!

And Sasa, bye!  Kwaheri ya kubwanana, bwana! Shalom! Salaam and all those such... meaningful things.

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