Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bashar al-Assad gives a sparkling interview to Izvestiya (a Russian Daily)

President Bashar al-Assad's Interview with Izvestiaya

Seems it was carefully  interpreted by a very competent linguist or are these his own words, in English?  It is not clear.

It comes across of itself not only as a view he has meticulously and throroughly analysed, but as someone quite qualified to rule, eloquent, erudite and astute.  Even gifted.

With rare clarity in this riveting interview Assad isolates the evidence and expresses truths that are self-evident.  The voices that attempt to drown out the narrative appear to belong to a confounded, defeated antagonist, alluded to in subtle terms and unveiled in sophisticated language.  Frankly, I did not know that he was that good!

Here is Assad on youtube:
(link courtesy my friend AQN)