Thursday, 12 January 2017

A note to Sanjeev and the Muslim on Kashmir

Please may we, members of the human race, take a deep breath, close the eyes and sit quietly, just for a few moments, together?

Imagine the peaceful silence around you.  The winter has set in and fires are burning in quiet homes where we partake quietly of the nourishment our Earth Mother provides.  People could take a moment to be grateful for the Awesome Orderliness, One that the human mind cannot conceive of except in terms of its Creator, in terms of Awe and Faith and Humility in face of such an Almighty Inconceivable Reality? May we, whether we believe or not, just softly breathe the Name of That, or one of the names of That Greater One, like invoking the Name of Peace and Silence for that moment?

It is a peaceful place, this earth and it has the purpose of growing, in the fertility of that peace, in our mysteriously empowered imaginations! That is the Earth's nature, and the nature of all born from her womb!

May we, for a moment let go of the bitterness fertilised by fear and propaganda, and hold that image, which we can all create for each other and, just once at least, imagine and will ourselves to return, to the infinitely loving embrace of Dharthee Maata, that which is Her sacred right: Her peaceful relationship with, and peaceful dynamism and intelligent interaction (love) between, her children, who we all are, to receive our thanks and our gift of peace?

What is not right about a world without boundaries and passports, where propaganda ends and fear is dissolved into curiosity for one another's wellbeing?  And why can it not be given and restored with ticklish and good smiles?

Let us take a deep breath, close our eyes, restore our peace and appreciate this wonderful planet, if only for a moment?

"Friendliness requires risk. It is the recognition of the lion in the other and is lit by a desire to love, to touch and explore that majesty "

G M Jiwa