Friday, 26 May 2017

Trump at NATO was Friendly Enough

'Excuse me I have a responsibility to be up front, sorry, give way.' Grab, pull, tap. All friendly, even brotherly (if big brotherly, too). That the US has to force NATO to take notice & remember makes sense bcz POTUS is focusing most on how to Make America Great Again.

Because America is no longer great.  What that means is the subject of another page, on whether America ever learned the meaning of the word.

But what this message means to foreign policy is to be militarily in charge. Obama bombed and DT is bombing too, now also using a convenient proxy, enriching the war-mongering arms dealers and money-lenders in the process, too.

In the past America was noticed and ushered into the front.  Today? The Europeans are into themselves often at America's expense, historically speaking. How did America lose that authority? DT eschews charisma, charm, and the European graces. He is a break from that past and wants to emphasise a difference. 'Brawn' says, "You try to belittle me with your graces and pseudo-intellectual airs and see what I can do to you.  Talk business!" 

I hope he also lies enough and one day pulls the rug from under the big thieving banksters and war-mongers but, either way, whether he loves them or not, even if we're throwing our hopes into a game of craps here, his colourful pair o' dice is a huge relief from Hillary.  That is how confused and bad a state America has been in.  If they are serious about standing up front the best we can do is to try to influence their decisions wisely.

Mohamed Jiwa
26th May, 2017

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