Friday, 27 September 2013

A Spiritual Journey in a Volatile World

I wrote this article in 2002 for Wajibu which is no longer publishing to the best of my knowledge.

An Academic article on Westgate refers to who wants to sedate the place

About the need to take a critical view of our politicians here is an article by and academic where in his perspective on Westgate he reports at
"British politicians
and British oil companies have been the most active in seeking to corner
the future exploration of this oil and it is not by accident that the
most recent conferences on the future of Somalia has been held in London
and hosted by David Cameron, the Prime Minister and head of the
Conservative Party of Britain. One of the first companies to have signed
a contract with the Government of Somalia is the front for British
petroleum interests that is now registered as Soma Oil & Gas
Exploration Ltd. This company was recently founded in the United Kingdom
and its chairman is Michael Howard, a former leader of the Conservative
Party. We are also informed that CEO Robert Sheppard has experience as
an adviser for the U.K. oil company BP PLC (LON: BP) in Russia."

I received this from a friend associated with the politics of hegemony.