Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Is Donald a Clown?

He was once my neighbour but the people who would have voted for the Clintons threatened to harm him because he was outspoken and couldn't be silenced easily, just as the media couldn't silence Ghaddafi, and that is a fact.  So a developer bought his house, ushered him gently off the estate and built up his property.  Thos housing estate may even grow tall. But he is now an ex-neighbour and he says:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: The Ringling Bros. circus is closing down after more than 100 years. Reason,  The Clown has gone to work for the White House. 😂😂😂

Who are the Ringlings? Are they not a good metaphor for the Democratic Party whose circus he closed down, freeing all the mistreated animals?  What a liberating feeling to be unhitched from the circus that rained hell on the poor world? Over 20,000 bombs on Afghanistan and Pakistan in less than a decade!

So I replied:
[24/01 18:36] G M Jiwa:

Thanks for that!

My bet?

The world is so, so ignorant and sheltered. Trump will be a great president. The whites have finally learned their lesson and now they will willingly, gratefully serve the rest of mankind whom they decimated, devastated, eviscerated, brought to their knees and destroyed everything within them, except their Faith.

The white poor read the numbers and are sick and ashamed of their forebears. Let us watch.

The new evil is in the rich Asians and Africans.

Mohamed Jiwa