Saturday, 18 June 2011

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Today is 28th June, 2011


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We invite you to blank your mind and look at the world with a fresher perspective than you bore in your mind a moment ago, and glean only the best inspirations from your day.  Today we have posted some links on HAPPINESS and the BRAIN at the bottom of this page.  Please try one link and treat yourself to an inspiring moment!  Meanwhile we have set out the news in subject headings starting with 'Mother Earth' but as you scroll down you may find an area that overlaps with your interests.  Our economic fulfillment website is our work with FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS which we have found to have arrested our attention, to which we have devoted a separate website which is under construction.

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How to make quick money if you are willing to work hard by fine-tuning your body and mind and serving others...    heh heh heh!

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World of Health and Healing
Fish Oil for the Brain and for Happiness
The Wandering Brain finds Happiness
FLP Aloe Vera offers a new paradigm shift

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World Environment

World Tech

World Biz

One World

World Health

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Muslim World

World of TM
World of Transcendental Meditation (Minerals of Congo)
Maharishi's Programmes for World Peace and Prosperity

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Marine World

Mountain World

Desert World

Other World

Solar System


Neighbourhood Galaxies


Do you have good news about your physical, geographical, imaginary or inspirational area of interest?  Search in the environment, spiritual and happiness pages and bring the most inspiring news here.  I'll post it for you and give you the credit.  This is essentially an African/ Kenyan website.  Two areas of common concern to everyone near us are poverty and health.