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The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi makes an Exemplary Gesture

Aga Khan  University Hospital Releases the Mahiti of the late Edward Wanzala
Widow, Conceptar, relieved; plans being made to take mahiti back home on Thursday next

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I am delighted to report that I accompanied Michael Wambwere, cousin of Edward Wanzala, the swimming instructor who died suddenly five days ago, to the hospital where we were advised to meet one Francis in the finance department.  Francis, under the instructions of Mr Alois, facilitated the whole procedure of enabling the deceased's remains to be released.  The bill has been waived and, in an amicable gesture, the family offered to pay a token amount to the hospital to express its goodwill and commitment to attempt to clear the final bill. 
Photo of Edward   Photo of Edward's family

Mr Alois was emphatic in his expression of the hospital's recognition of the conditions and limitations by which Mama Meshack was operating and he concurred that the priority was to find a way to release the remains of the deceased.

Earlier he had clearly stated that the hospital did not detain the remains of the deceased but, he had added turning to me, (the hospital) does have to fulfil the expectations of due diligence.  Accordingly, they would release the remains and expected that the fund-raiser would enable the family to contribute to the bill which would be reviewed to reflect a figure that would be reduced.  They would not demand the total sum shown.

The family, in turn, has paid an unspecified sum from the fund-raiser against the amount expected on the final bill and undertaken to clear the mortuary charges.

The formalities were completed this evening and the family is ready to take the body home.  People are exultant about the outcome of the matter and are moving on to make plans for the funeral.

Thank you, Aga Khan University Hospital!

Text of an email from the family:

Michael Wambwere

22:52 (1 hour ago)

to Alexander, Francis, me, m
Dear Jiwa and Mahebub,
words can not express how grateful we are to God for all the support we have received on this matter. I wish you were there to witnesses how Mama Raveena was singing and praising God joyfully along the corridors of the hospital after she was handed the burial permit by the ICU personnel. I was beside her and was greatly moved to the point of shading tears. Ooh...How amazing! may God bless you richly! May he continue to bless the work of your hands. Edward story has made me believe that there are many who, like Mama Raveena, could be suffering in silence and with no one to fight for them! You have given us courage and confidence to fight on undeterred till we ensure that Mrs Edward and the children are stable and able to move on despite the absence of their soul bread winner. Ahsante sana!!!!!    
My response to that is  AMEEN.

Photo of Edward   Photo of Edward's family

G Mohamed Jiwa
December 21st, 2013

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  1. We are grateful for the kind gesture shown to the family of Edward by the Aga Khan University Hospital. In between mourning, we have a genuine reason to celebrate. The family and especially, the widow, are relieved and everyone is full of excitement. This new development has given the team standing with the family renewed energy to get over with the burial arrangements as soon as possible. Thank you Aga Khan University Hospital!!!!