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Is it really just a near cure or is this really it -- A CURE FOR HIV AIDS?

I am happy to see that this is the most popular page on my website.  In order to help me, if you have found it useful and if you have visited or contacted the clinic, would you mind telling them that you were referred through this site?  I do believe the clinic asks how people heard about them and we encourage the to give us feedback about how many referrals have mentioned this website.

Secondly, would you also send me a comment - even an anonymous one, so that I get an idea of to what extent I have helped you?

Lastly, if you have been cured please tell me.  This is very close to a cure and in many respects, indicates that negative status and cure are being experienced - except for people who have lived with the virus for so long that it has taken over the bone marrow, ie, inhabited the bone marrow system to the point that viruses are being produced non-stop, whatever our friends at the clinic try to do for you - and they are very dedicated, faithful, committed and qualified people.  Maybe the time will come, for long sufferers, that bone marrow transplants will help.

More information and knowledge
on precautions for the use
of this protocol \
is being posted on this website

Even so, do not lose hope.  This herbal remedy works for many and it is administered by a qualified doctor and clinician.  It takes you off of ARVs and therefore it is a phenomenal leap in the fight against the disease.

Telling me about your story anonymously will help me a great deal and make me very happy.

I shall be coming back with much more information related to the treatment, shortly.  That's a promise.


More information and knowledge
on precautions for the use
of this protocol \
is being posted on this website

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As usual, we are always out of time but here is a story that is a must read:

I was trawling the Young Professionals and the Progressive Kenyans website and I ran into one Dr Mitch Medina again.

Dr Mitch Medina???   What a name!  Was this a local Harry Potter or what?  Well, no - far from it, as I realised when I met this exceptional thinker and doctor of Christian religion. 

Mitch would offer comments on topical issues and once upon a time, if my memory is ok on this, we had an exchange on some problem concerning how Kenya politics is going.  And we all know where it is heading!

Anyway, so I am trawling these gugoguroups for the latest information and to see how people are thinking and some engaging news and discussion.  While I am doing this, what do I come across?  A NEAR CURE FOR HIV AIDS,  by Dr Mitch Medina and company (see their address and some links below).

Mitch is a specialist in patents (protecting intellectual property), and he bumped into someone, a trained chemist/ pharmacist who well understood how to control his experiments.  This scientist had been experimenting with herbs and trees (dawa ya miti shamba) on people who were sick.  And guess what happened?

That's right.  It appeared to be working and just needed systemising and fine tuning.  This wonderful trio got together and decided to find a way to make it work.

Mitch and his wife Maria decided to give the potions a trial in probably the worst slum in town and discovered, only after they were flagging and about to give up, that someone was claiming to be feeling better.

Now they test everyone before they start the regime (which is quite simple and costs comparatively little) and then test them (for HIV and CD4 counts) once again.  The 'red line', starts to disappear and eventually there is not trace of it in some patients.  CD4 count goes up and the person's life and complexion change, apparently for the good.

If you want to know more (while I have less time to write the whole story) here is where to go if you have someone you want to help with their HIV PROBLEMS!!:  See the picture of Drs Mitch and Maria Medina, below:

Click on the picture of herb fields, above, to learn more about a possible cure for HIV AIDS
(I have to replace that picture - the logo of Equatorial Research Limited
in Kenya  - I somehow lost the picture but the link works click below for Part II)
Click here for Part II 

P.O. Box 665, Village Market
Nairobi, Kenya,  OO621

Ask for Maria, Senen, or
phone and ask for me, Moha or Njiwa (Ndege ya Amaani - Bird of Peace)
+254 726 752187/ 0735 38 26 19

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More information and knowledge
on precautions for the use
of this protocol \
is being posted on this website

Mohamed Jiwa
26th August, 2013
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