Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Careless exploitation for palm oil is threatening elephants

The mad rush for palm oil is extinguishing the really cuddly Sumatran Elephant
The above link is a page that extensively reports on exploitation in Asia and, at the bottom of the page there are some really important links.

Old news which I did not believe, at first

I have just learned from Ol Pejeta (stalwart defenders of the African Elephant - website) that the figures of elephant slaughter could be even worse than I was given to understand.  According to Glen Johnson, reporting in Al-Jazeera, the recent organized poaching of elephants with helicopters and machine guns could be as high as 60 per day in Tanzania.

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When they first casually mentioned this to me I thought there was either an error (60 p mth?) or that they were trying to pull my leg or confuse me (read the conversation). The problem is urgent and I pray that I can muster the strength, will and intelligence to crank up my time management better so that I can participate in this fight more closely and nearer the front beyond writing about it.