Sunday, 16 March 2014

Update on Badrubhai and Sadrubhai, Ejectees from own House

I have edited this page which is a shorter version of the story here:

It is common knowledge that Badrubhai has once again been moved to another secret hideout.  With the help of the OCS at Kilimani we found him at Emy's House.  Much is to be said about this episode and the place.
Sadrubhai is still staying with us.  He has been given an appointment to meet with the President of the Council, Nawaz Gulam, on Tuesday.  Where is his brother?  The story of the phone call for this appointment may need to be shared.

The police have let us down.  The OCPD has been meetings with all his adjutants twice in two visits.  On the second visit I was compelled for the sake of decency to knock on his door and ask him to attend to us.  He took receipt of a letter charging the police with abuse of power, practically but he simply lectured Sadrubhai (refused to look in my direction):  While he admitted that his force should not cross the line to save someone if it is illegal to cross the line, he was not able to join the dots and face up to the truth.  His officers had crossed the line illegally to eject someone from his own house - someone we INSIST is of sound mind - and have him incarcerated in a psychiatric wing of a hospital and then moved to an home for the elderly who need psychiatrical care.
We found him with the help of the lawyers and we interviewed Badrubhai.  He was in good spirits, reading a book on heart problems.  He does not belong here.  He was joking around and poking fun at himself.  One thing he said, caught us all:  "... yes, I go where the wind blows...."

He is under oppressive family conditions and is handling it with cheer.  To my (layman's) mind his response is quite healthy.  I can talk more about this, too.

Sadrubhai should meet the president soon.  Let's hope that this meeting is productive. 
Mohamed Jiwa
Habari Poa Cool News
18:00h 16 March 2014