Saturday, 2 August 2014


I live in a part of the world where I am, at, least able to go about my business or go for a reasonably peaceful walk.  Yes, twenty years ago, we not only had peace but we even had some tranquillity.  I am always thinking about ways to restore peace and tranquillity to my surroundings*.  True, I do not succeed much - I seem to be getting myself into greater instead of lesser trouble.**

Ebola is not under control because Africans are not strong enough yet to sequester it.  There needs to be interest.  Coordination.  The rulers do not consider control that necessary as @nduts09 said, until it reaches their front door.

Gaza is just an infection like Ebola.  Evidently much worse.

What is happening to Gaza and Israel is happening to me.

And to you.

Noone really cares whether it reaches us in Kenya or not - when they (the ruling echelons in Europe, America, Israel and all their allies) damned well know that it is EASILY PREVENTABLE.

Any fool can see the trend.  So the rulers tell themselves:  "It won't happen in my lifetime, and so, as long as we leave our power to our descendants who can live in their own bubbles, who really could care less?"

It is the same with GAZA.  It is easily preventable but they will not let it.  Here*** is an article by an erudite scholar about how attacking Palestine is like Mowing the Lawn.  Please do read it.

But Kenya has still some of the power to bring charm, happiness and peace to its inhabitants, though it is fast being drained away by incompetence and self-service from the people that rule us.  There is much to write about the forces of peace, charm, tranquillity here and in E Africa, that are being targetted by the general drive for agency and proxy war by the USA and their allies in Africa****

As with Kenya all the problem is with Gaza is LAND GRABBING, water source grabbing, grabbing of access to the sea and to the hills and arable land.  It happens to all people who do not polish the shoes of the ruling party in any country.

That's all I have time for right now.  I have to take Saida swimming and have some lunch with my mother.  I need to take her to make a call to Pakistan.  Then we are off to Zarinbai's place.


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**(see my future posts on how the directors of our housing estate and their 'chamchaas' work to make my mother, daughter and me feel marginalised and ridiculed for attempting to do something, for demanding fair treatment and proper management).
**** (see Africom)

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