Sunday, 17 November 2013

My comment to an article on Baroness Warsi's poke at Fox News

Comment in reply to Aidan Taylor7's invitation to explain what I meant by Americans being impoverished because of the Zionist lobby

In response to an article on Baroness Warsi's poke in the eye of Fox News

Edited 1:47 AM 11/17/2013

I have reviewed this comment and tried to reduce the errors just now.  Aidan Taylor7 graciously commented on one of my comments about the Zion connection in the way Americans are kept in the dark about the realities on the planet.  S/he said that she had all night to hear what I had to say about it.  I tried to post a comment at but they did not publish it for must be nearly a day(?).  So I decided to put it here in the hope that s/he finds it.

:-D, Hi Aidan, what a delightful offer!  You may be Jewish but are you pro-Zionist?  There are a lot of Jewish people who are anti and are grieving about the direction of Israel (and you may not be an Israeli). is where I wish to develop this among other thoughts for my audience, which is mostly African, at an aching pace but it is all over the place if you look a bit. For example, read about Max Blumenthal by Gilad Atzmon here . is one of the best quick reads that covers all the issues succinctly and clears a lot of confusion.

In a few words, the Americans are generally ignorant (a little less so than when I went to university there decades ago) and are normally driven by what they see and read in the media which is controlled by questionable interests (in my opinion, the subtly Israel/Zionist protective ones).  The effect of this is, for example, how the Palestinians are being mistreated by the Israelis who have a powerful lobby controlling all sorts of things in the USA, including the direction of the military-industrial-media complex (eg Africom).

Taking into account possible false flags (eg see this thesis on Westgate, there is a lot that has happened that cannot directly be logically ascribed to Muslims (see here for a fiery discussion on the definition of Muslim).   True enough, these days it is practically impossible to verify what is really going on without the support of committed agencies who are empowered to get to the bottom of it.  In the Westgate example EVERYTHING has been covered up.  Just today, someone suggested to me that it appears that the figures are far higher than 70 people killed.  The numbers could be as high as 400, she says, according to reports from families.  But there's no facebook page to help truly account for it.  There should be one. 

The reality of the current conditions in the world as they are, right now, largely influenced by powerful lobbies - the Zionist one being probably the most powerful one - is being explored in conversations like this one: .  There should be more collaborations on Facebook and similar to enable people to report on the true figures of casualties. Hope this serves to open the door a crack?

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