Monday, 4 August 2014

Gaza - a bit of land-grabbing psychology for Kenyans? Part 1

What were you doing in this space when I have arrived?

Nairobi, August 3rd, 2014
In Kenya we speak Kiswahili and our vocabulary here is arguably not as sophisticated as in the English language.

So perhaps it would be going too far and considered an irresponsible thing to say that some of our own ruling politicians are moving in the direction of doing the same sort of thing as Israel has resolved to do in Gaza:  Human beings are being moved or squeezed into smaller space, then mowed down and then blamed for harbouring terrorists (or, in our case in Kenya we target the squatters).

It's the same principle:  The crime is taking up space that is more profitable to the filthy (and not the clean and responsible!) rich, I suppose.  When someone suffers as a result of this form of oppression in our part of the world, whether in the slum or in a forest or glade, the real news is also not being honestly published.

Someone recently tweeted me lamenting that each side is targeting innocent people on the other side.Yes, the Palestinians are attempting to break out of jail and Israel's playing The Law. Nah - not just playing.  Zion wants to rule and exploit Gaza and break the Gazans psychologically.  They are the inventors of modern psychology.  They think.  The forgot about things like faith, reason and humanity.

Displacement or, more accurately put, theft of one's home space comes in many poisonous strengths, from colonisation (Gaza), renationalisation (as in Tanzania) through the Kenyan repetitious system of producing IDPs, to urban gangsterism in local neighbourhood and on the estates.  It may have happened to you even on the way home and laughed off as ngeta but, ultimately we are talking about the same thing, an offence against the person in the space that he is occupying:

Unchallenged go this form of intimidation, theft, 'land-grabbing' or - being told, "what were you doing here when I arrived?" The difference in the various strengths of poison is quite simple:  THE COST.  In Kenya we get displaced and those among us who suffer and give up the ghost quietly are not considered as seriously victimised as, perhaps, in Gaza where the price Palestinians are paying is, as the IDF and their government appears to be wanting the world to believe, 'only lives and Palestinian lives at that.' But it has certainly become clear that Israel is out to dwarf the Palestinians with their might and keep them subdued as a psychological exercise.

Shameless and even inhuman.  That is what I have said on Twitter:  Netanyahu and company are no longer human.

Who knows whether the way it is being done today in Gaza may be the order of the day when they are gone too far in their wrongful policies of being American's agency in E Africa.  Perhaps Kenya's policy today will not be looked upon in retrospect as a primitive and unsophisticated one, simply because it is humane in comparison (only in comparison - our forces are also inhuman).

Meanwhile today's Gazan version, where the more innocent lives it takes to bring down an apparently cruder and weaker war machine, the more sophisticated the policy is disingenuously spun into, in the public domain?

Who knows whether communities like Kibera and Mathare and Mukuru will not become more and more congested and isolated from the Upper Hills and State Houses and the Highlands and Beaches that belong to the ruling classes?  Those who want to hold on to power understand that they will lose their grip on that power, if they don't simply take ALL the vantage points and do it at any cost.  That is the trend of the world.  So why - are we an exception?  Don't make me laugh.

Meanwhile, while we expand our spaces at their expense, in the case of Gaza: simply murder everybody in the line of fire, hether they are defenseless or not**.  The cost is women children, survival, humanity, continuity, memory, fabric of society - mostly inanimate and (except in Israel) trivial/ inconsequential "things" like that in comparison to the prize - a  command over human beings as in Hollywood movies.

Edited August 12th, 2014


**Netanyahu has been quoted alongside another quote from the Psalms of David that ends, "But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.” (Psalm 37:9-11)"  He is of course talking about Gazan land, Palestinian land."Get to the tunnels at any cost and destroy them.  The Palestinians have become audacious.  And gather the young men who stand up to one together, stuff them into any bathroom in any gutted residence from which people have fled leaving their dead behind and mow them down (as in Khuzaa), If we do not stop them they are coming to our territory.