Friday, 15 November 2013

Towards clarity about who is on whose side in Israel and how Israel influences the degree of instability in the Middle East

Do you want a quick overview of the reality regarding Israel, Zionism, Israeli anti-Zionists, apartheid against the Palestinians and the general condition of this part of the world that has changed the planet into a war zone?  Don't look further:

Here are the links you need:

but this is my favourite one among them: 

All students in Grades 11 and 12 and above must attempt a read and crunch this article for an incisive view of the reality by Max Blumenthal.  For other comments refer to @kirimba on Twitter.

Try to find ways of better understanding how events in one part of the world can innocuously affect us here, for example, in Kenya.

Try to see how the ICC hearing for Uhuru and Ruto will come to practically nothing and why, and why they won't make a call until the Syria situation has been sorted conclusively.

Try to understand why Iran and Russia are in control of the negotiations at Geneva 2 and in general.  Our children have to be made to understand the realities of these geopolitical forces. Here is a link for the USA's worry about nuclear war if they don't come to a fair agreement about Iran:

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