Thursday, 3 April 2014

The violence of the other day is all about the same thing, really, isn't it?

Janis in America
to Barry (in America) and to me:
shooting at Ft. Hood.  It's hardly a wonder that their isn't more shootings.  Obama is saying something stupid.  Sadly, these soldiers are taught to be trained killers of civilians and to engage in torture.  Those who aren't shot, commit suicide in large numbers, rest suffer from ptss and mental disorders.
America is the most stupid country on the planet.

Me (in Kenya)

at around 9 last night

to Janis
We've been preoccupied with our own news - bombings, killings of clerics by seems Israeli agents and threats of more to come. People wait to hear something from their leaders but they get foam, mouthings and the [pliant] words of speechwriters - college grads*. It costs between $1000 and 8000 to mobilise a poor youth to leave the family to which the  money is paid after he succeeds in planting his bomb and possibly dies, and get him to blast a part of any vulnerable major city in the world.

*College grads have been taught that the world turns around the unprinciple of linear thinking and that is what their employers, like President Kenyatta, want to hear.


Who did it and why (he was on medication and it may have been the wrong medication, obviously)

What Obama said and why some say it was stupid (he implied that everyone else was the problem):
Many of the people there have been on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They serve with valor; they serve with distinction.