Monday, 19 August 2013

Heard of Justin Carter? A happy teenager arrested and bailed out by an anonymous well-wisher


Anyone heard of this teenager?  He's innocent.  But they want to destroy him.

Read about him here.  I heard about him at this very ingenious place 

Things like hearing about the anonymous donor giving $500,000 for bail money to gives me hope for humanity
Here is my comment on it (edited and fleshed out a bit):

Pathological society is turning in on itself by dissolving its best spokesmen.  Seems the rotten, rusty bottom has fallen out of the U S of A.  The young man is a wonderful innocent boy expressing himself on the most important subjects affecting young men of his age, for God's sake.  I don't like his crude language but being a teen he has to say something to clear his mind on topical questions affecting him - and bounce that off others to better understand his place in society - what he should beware of!

Instead of removing the causes of the problem they (the misbegotten lowest intellegence highest paid government workers)'re going to bomb away and delete the very people who are attempting to talk their way through the causes of social .  Justin is the sort of man who can, with the help of his mates, save America.  But the agents of confusion are going to attempt to paint their mirrors red, black and blue, by destroying him. 

I suggest that he prays a LOT and asks for COURAGE and continues learning how to pray well and properly.  Meanwhile God help, enlighten and forgive his antagonists.  Their realities about the purpose of life, the purpose of their own lives, are off the graph and probably quite deranged enough not to know the difference between reprobates and responsible citizens.

Perhaps one of the problems in society, today, is that there is no space left between pathological reactions and happy lives led by good people.  That space should contain responsibility and admission that there is something wrong, terribly wrong, and that every minute pursued in the direction of individual happiness is a minute lost in working towards preventing a mass pathology.

Justin is only a spontaneous, responsive young man who has been deliberately bludgeoned by agencies populated by ignorants who really have no idea of the difference between their heads and their arses.