Tuesday, 21 June 2011

19th June, 2011 - COOL NEWS for Kenya

Here are some links for cool news in this country of ours, Kenya:

  1. Finnish spectacles into recycling in Kenya - Good News from Finland

    17 Jun 2011 ... Finnish opticians and ophthalmologists carried out vision test in Kenya last week. Also glasses donated by Finnish people have been ... - Cached

  2. Nairobi, Kenya - Good News Productions, International

    Factoid: Half the people in Kenya are under the age of 18. Total People Groups: 112. Unreached People Groups: 35. About the Center: The Good News ... - United States - Cached
  3. YouTube - Good News SWAHILI: Kenya People/Language Movie Trailer

    8 min - 21 Oct 2008 - Uploaded by worldlanguagemovies
    See for the full Good News SWAHILI: Kenya Movie .......... This is: Good News SWAHILI: Kenya People ...

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