Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Education Revolution in Pakistan

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Reply to Shams Abbas:

[25/12/2016 19:02] G M Jiwa 🙂: My dear brother Shams Abbas,

Correct me if I am wrong but before you are Pakistani and I an African, we are first global citizens and Muslims.  Therefore I take this liberty to join the conversation!

Pakistan is a Muslim country and therefore has a claim on the services of Muslims around the world.  I am not Pakistani but I have a right to love Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Pakistan:  We can see how you are sustaining so much injury and losing energy and life blood.  Look and this hopelessness as in the lament of Shams Abbas!

Pakistan is not going to be able to overthrow corrupt royalty without an educational revolution.

For that revolution you do need revolutionaries who understand the history and purpose of Pakistan from the time before she was conceived and how she was cut and divided with such scarring cruelty, hijacked and raped by British and American agents, your rulers.

Pakistan: You need to replicate many Malalas and you need great Muslim WRITERS, like Muhammed Iqbal, who understand their faith well and can rewrite the country's secular history dispassionately in relation to the USA, the rapist, and the monarchy being the rapist's tool of divide and rule.  Shams Abbas speaks truly.

Effectively, your children will need to understand the history of the USA and how that country depends on Pakistan.  These writers will need to write and drop on Pakistan, starved of information, parcels of knowledge and factual food, as it were (the way the USA throws food on people who are literally starved of food), drop beauty bombs of soul nourishment, of their literary works, their knowledge and their analyses.  But these great, enlightened writers, and there are many, must not lose their lives trying to do such great work.


Shams Abbas's Lament

[25/12/2016 19:02] G M Jiwa 🙂: Farewell 2016.
Farewell 69 years of Pakistan.
We are back to where we were; every year of the last forty six years.
Bilawal has been crowned.
It is a matter of time before Marium Nawaz is crowned.
Why not declare Pakistan as a Monarchy.

Your resolve to rid Pakistan of all types of terrorism in particular financial terrorism;
built up false hopes.
We started dreaming for a new Pakistan.
We knew you could not do it.
A Nation which has been defeated by its own intellectuals and Darbaris ;cannot be brought back to life without the people demanding a better future and coming out on the streets to seek relief from,"
Monarchy and corruption."

For the moment,"Good luck General Raheel Shareef."

Pakistan has been left in the lurch .

The people of Pakistan are truly apprehensive.

Zardari has mysteriously returned at the  climax of 2016 and the onset of 2017.He has been warmly welcomed by his elder brother .

The Trade Union of Darbaris is beating "Bhutto Shaheed and Maharaja of Raiwind "drums.

This is a bad Omen for the coming year.

The retirement of Gen Raheel Shareef and return of the Don is not a coincidence. This was well planned and timed.

The one great Lesson; Pakistanis are learning and waking up ,to ,in 2017;

Corruption Wins.

Darbaris Win.

The people are in ;
for a repeat of the last
four decades.

The National Reconciliation for Corruption NRC is being reenforced.

We need collective prayers and Sadqas.

Shams Abbas

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