Friday, 11 April 2014

Letter from Janis to the US Government

Janis Schmidt
418 Griffin St.
Warwick, ND 58381

April 10, 2014,

Benson Co. Social Services
108 East 4th St.
Minnewaukan, ND 58351

To whom it may concern:

As of this date, I no longer wish to partake in the fascist food stamp system at this time. I am too late for April, having not been informed in time.

The reason is because my benefits were reduced from a month $112 to $34 despite the fact that I am a disabled senior living in a state that is filthy rich in oil dollars. I called my caseworker who said she was just following orders. She said I should feel lucky since most seniors have to make do with $15 a month. At the same time, Obama decided and Congress voted to give Ukraine $ 1 BILLION dollars without public approval.

If Obama and Congress were not the totalitarian fascists they are, they would do what Putin is doing: go after the corporations who sent all the manufacturing jobs overseas, arrest them and seize their assests which, in truth, belong to the people. Then bring the jobs back as cooperatives, people owned companies. Agencies such as Social Services need a good shake down. They have way too much power which makes them a tool of our fascist government.


Janis Schmidt

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  1. I have bad knees and can barely walk, but I am getting ready to plant 3 gardens. We cannot rely on the government to feed us, because they would heartlessly let us starve to death. This is an important year because of extreme drought and people have become too compliant and complacent. You need to form your own communities and get with the program--nature's program. All the little songbirds are back. I see them busy in the garden, picking up seeds. They are also building their nests. Every morning and evening they have a community sing-along, and give thanks to God for being alive. Why aren't we as smart?