Thursday, 25 April 2019

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..YM: Aga Khan Housing Boards Are Appointed Worldwide,Since Decades, Given Funds By Aga Khan,To Provide Homes,Still More Than 90 % Of Ismailis Worldwide Are Without Their Own Houses, So,Where All  Housing Funds Set,If Not Eaten Up By Culprits Under MK ?,

Monday, 22 April 2019

The First Visit of Aga Khan III to Europe

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Ismaili History 821 - First visit of Europe :

In 1316/ 1898, the Aga Khan III set out from Bombay on his first journey to Europe, and visited France and Britain, where he had an audience with Queen Victoria at Windsor Palace. In the state banquet at Windsor Palace, he was sitting next to the Queen on her right side. No ruling prince from India who held great temporal power would have been treated with greater honour and respect like the Aga Khan. He was invested the honourable title of Knight Commander of the Indian Empire (K.C.I.E.). He also met the future king Edward VII. The 'Saint Gazette' (London, dated July 22, 1898) published the following report to this effect:-
'Her Majesty Queen Victoria had held a Levy, which was attended by Consuls of all countries, and His Highness the Aga Khan was also invited at the occasion. When the Aga Khan went there, the Queen herself went to receive him at the door and welcomed him with great respects and made him sit on the Throne of their Pope. As soon as the Aga Khan sat on the Throne, the Queen said to all the Consuls, 'What is the reason of your surprise, and what you all are thinking of?' The Consuls replied, 'Upto now, many Indian Kings have come to Europe, but you have given more honours to Aga Khan, and even made him sit on the Throne of our Pope; what is the reason of this?' The Queen in reply said, 'You are all wise, prudent and learned, and you know better than I the reason of this. In short, I must tell you that we have never seen our religious leader Jesus Christ, and without doubt, the Aga Khan is our same leader, and considering this, I have made him sit on our Pope's Throne.' On hearing this, all Consuls were greatly surprised, and wired to their respective countries about the above fact. Consequently, the Rulers of France, Germany, Italy, Belgium etc. sent telegrams to Aga Khan from all over, requesting him to give them honour of visiting their countries, which the Aga Khan accepted.'

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Saturday, 16 February 2019


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Best news!

Fungus Tronomicus are considering the possibility of producing and delivering the best packed mushrooms in East Africa.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Violet has a place at St Anne's


Admission Secured - If We Meet The Target

St Anne's Gituba Girls Secondary School, Kirinyaga, Kenya.

This is a County School.

Please contribute even just a hundred bob to 0722111511


51,000/- by 11 Jan 2019

Update at 15:00h 6 Jan 2019

So far collected:


Balance required:


We are making as many calls as necessary to friends and well wishers to contribute only 100/- or more to meet the above target to secure the admission for the first term, which is for phone calls, transport, fees, boarding requirements, clothes, shoes, and study materials. 

All contributions are accounted for and posted in the website here.

Violet stays with her Mummy who brought her from the village to stay and study in Nairobi from Standard VII.  She just achieved 291 points in KCPE at Ruaraka Primary, Drive-In.  She is an outstanding person who loves to serve others, ambitious to perceive something great, responsible, loyal, and strong, a young lady with a very good character a person of integrity. 😃

Please support Mama Vio and me to get her enrolled in this school, and help to give her a boost in life.  We have no doubt she will work hard and get through into university to achieve her ambition to become a teacher. Let's crack open the door to give this giant of a girl a chance to gain success and to serve society with respect, care, love and diligence, which is what she is giving her family.

She is not afraid of hard work at all.

Violet's Mum and I look forward to receiving your support for Violet's future. We have so far collected 4,900/- out of 51,000/- which is our target.

Mohamed Jiwa

Payments can be made by Mpesa to



Directions to the school from Nairobi (fare is 1000/- return + snacks),36.8173294/St.+Anne's+Gituba+Girls+Secondary+School,+P.O+Box+38,+Kenya/@-0.8631123,37.1090043,8z/data=!4m6!4m5!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x1827d36f1d017755:0xc0a1dd56d207d1cf!3e0

Contributions so far:

00100     Mansoorbhai N
00200     Samuel Dee H El
02000     Dr Josiah Ruturi
01000     Tami

00100     Nizar Shamji

00300     Tazmina D

01200     Anonymously

04900     Total at 14:25 7.1.19


January 3rd, 2019
Ministry of Education made an error and linked their download for Vio to the admission letter of another school, which they are aware of and have rectified. 

January 8th, 2019

Collected 4,900/-

Big error on phone number entry for Mpesa payment, now corrected: The number is 0722111511

Updated /Edited January 7th, 2019, 14:20

Updated /Edited January 28th, 2019, 12:42

Dear Friends who donated, bigger and smaller amounts, 

Violet Narotso 🐥 has reached St Anne's in Kirinyaga and we are all thrilled! 🤓 She will, with the Almighty's permission, become a GREAT teacher.

Her Mum did the biggest share of timely fund-raising.

I collected a mere 5,000/- .  Total cost was about 30,000/-. The school covered the uniforms, materials, and more. 

She was pokewa-ed most graciously.

Thanks again, and may the Lord bless you and reward you 1000s of times over, and the Force be with you!


Baba Saida.